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I am composing and playing world music focusing on Brazilian music.


My digest trailer track in 2 minutes.
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I perform music and composition mainly on world music based on Brazilian instruments.

I played percussion and chord instruments, compose music for parade in Samba groups
I play percussion in "Baqueba", which plays "maracatu", the Brazilian traditional music in northeast in Brazil. We play maracatu in some music festivals.

Since I was a student I played jazz and rock drums, samba.
I stayed in Brazil 5 times, played percussion in carnival as a member ofAguia de Ouro, the famous samba group.
In 2019, I played maracatu in maracatu nation Porto Rico , played percussion.

I learned string instruments in Arnaldinho do cavaco and percussion in Tata.

I also compose musics based on these experience.

Currently I am active mainly in composition. I play many instruments myself and pursue my own music.

The origin of the name is because I was doing a hand model in the past.



重量木骨の家コンセプトムービー (BGM制作)

FINAL FANTASY Record KeeperFisherman’s Horizon FFRK Ver. arrange from FFVIII』 (BGM, パーカッション、ベース、ウクレレ演奏)

Cosmetic Youtube Channel "Sala" (BGM制作)